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The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.

The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason for hope.

The goal is not to turn kids – new generations to your kind of adult, but rather, better adults than you have been.

About Foundation

New Generations Foundation began with its work in March 2014, but officially was founded or legally registered as a non-profit organization 27th of November in 2014.

The purpose of the foundation is to support political education, backup upbringing in general, overall and technical education, including scholarships for good students, scholarships for children of fallen Croatian War of Independence veterans, supporting science, supporting the cultural heritage of the Croatian people and in general all charitable activities.

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Informative - includes the most important information about the civil society, community development , and engagement in specific projects of social importance.

Financial – includes administering grants / financial supports.

Educational - includes workshops organization, seminars, round tables and panel discussions on current topics in the field of civil sector, scholarships for individuals, encourages political education and more...

Our values

Values that the Foundation activities are following and being carried out are the values that underlay our vision. Foundation and its goals:

  • Respecting Human Rights
  • The public action
  • The responsibility of all community development participants
  • Cooperation and dialogue between all community development participants
  • Awareness
  • Tolerance and respect for diversity, non-violence
  • Networking
  • Partnership and inter-sector cooperation

Our vision

In Croatia, there are just under 200 registered foundations and endowments, our mission is to be prominent among them and in that way to change for the better situation in our society, especially during these years of economic crisis.

The values underlying purpose of the Foundation and its mission are honoring human rights, national minorities, encouraging the responsibility of all citizens of the civil society in the community growth, improving the standard of living of individuals, education of individuals and institutions in order to jointly develop awareness, motivate people and institutions for regular, simple, everyday, easily achievable small activities by which we will do great things in the society.

pdf iconDownload 2015 Foundation Program (in Croatian) (356 KB)

Our mission

Be a professional and widely accepted Croatian humanitarian foundation.

To be prominent because of our work and to leave an imprint on the community.

Create a team who will in a professional, responsible and long-term manner implement all the Foundation activities.

The mission of the Foundation, in addition to the above, is to establish ourselves as an institution that promotes excellence in the framework of political education and political guidance that is based on political community social justice for the common good.

If we could summarize all this in one sentence our mission would be dedication to the human principles, appreciate and promote high ethical principles and organize, finance and carry out all activities that are in line with our Statue.




Joint action "Help the children of Nepal".
Croatia has so far through a numerous actions showed that its citizens have a big heart when it comes to helping the needy ones, so we answered as well on public call in media to help children in Nepal and donated the amount of 20,000.00 HRK.
At the same time we hope that our help and the help of a group of enthusiastic individuals to Nepal children who were affected by the natural disaster will not remain only on the shoulders of individual organizations but that the relevant institutions will also engage themselves.

Franjevci Split

Župni Ured Sv. Filipa i Jakova, Potravlje – Hrvace

New Generations Foundation made a contribution to Friar Srecko Dotur, a prefect of the parish of St. Philip and James in Potravlje, and his parish for the process of constitution and bringing in the operational state sacral facilities in addition to designing project for multi-functional hall/unit, primarily for working with young adults. At the Foundation, we believe not only that this donation was necessary for the community, but also that the parish Potravlje is historically important since it was formed towards the end of the XVII. century, on the northern slopes of Svilaja in the valley of the Cetina River. Because all of that we are proud that we were able to help with our donation to such institution.

Scardona production Ltd.

We have participated with donation in supporting organization of the concert Zorica Kondža - 30 years of career held on 26th of May 2015 in Zagreb, KD "Vatroslav Lisinski" in view of her outstanding contribution to Croatian musical and cultural heritage over three decades of her outstanding career and activities in the public arena.

Viteško alkarsko društvo Sinj

We were proud donators to 300. Sinj Alka organisation- knight tournament established, back, in 1715 and nowadays Croatian national treasure as well as world immaterial heritage since it has been enlisted in the UNESCO’s cultural heritage list. With great pleasure we emphasise that with this and many other donations we carried out the purpose of the Foundation in supporting Croatian cultural heritage.

B’nai B’rit – ogranak Gavro Schwarz Zagreb

B’nai B’rit – lodge Gavro Schwarz Zagreb, Croatia

It was our pleasure to be able to finance and be a part of David Gazarov’s Piano concert that took place in Blagoje Bersa Concert Hall, Music Academy Zagreb on 20th of February 2016. By doing this we helped exceptional artist to present himself but also a prominent religious community in Zagreb.
David Gazarov is a German pianist, composer and arranger living in Zagreb. As a classical, jazz and cross-over pianist he held many recitals in numerous concert halls throughout the world and in Croatia as well. He performed and recorded with many famous jazz musicians. www.bnaibrith.hr www.bnaibritheurope.org

Udruga likovnih stvaralaca grada Zaprešića

Art Association of Zaprešić

ULS operates in town of Zaprešić and its surroundings as a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization with sole goal to achieve cultural, educational and artistic activities and by encouraging creativity, connectivity and awareness of citizens within the local community and beyond. This year we financially supported the project of ULS that for many years attracted artists.
International exhibition "Miniatures" is a traditional cultural event with a continuous duration of 19 years. The exhibition "Miniatures" in a relevant way represents artists from town of Zapresic and other parts of Croatia in the international context.

5. festival Miroslav Krleža

5. festival Miroslav Krleža

We supported the organizers of this festival Zagreb City Museum and the non-profit art organization Theatre of poetry in the realization of Festival whose main goal is affirmation of Miroslav Krleža and his work through a variety of media. In period from 1-7. of July 2016. numerous artists gathered around the Festival and supported the efforts of the organizers to open summer scene Krleža theater in the garden of the villa Rein at Gvozd.
We are pleased to be able to provide support for the Festival of Miroslav Krleža, which “promotes art and polyphony that interconnects artists of different generations and poetics, which are reflected in the work of Miroslav Krleža”.

Participation in projects (co-financing)

  • Conference titled CROATIA AND THE EU - DEVELOPMENT POLICY 2015-2020 Within science-research project "Short - and long term policy requirements to strengthen sustainable growth and employment in Croatia"
  • "Women in Politics" - in collaboration with the organizers Croatian Statehood Foundation
  • Political Academy - in cooperation with the organizers Croatian Statehood Foundation
  • Tennis camp for young people – in the making
  • Umag Tennis Academy – a project in development over 5 years planned construction. Construction of the main building of the tennis center is planned with 16 clay outdoor courts and several covered along with a fitness center, locker rooms and multifunctional halls.
  • We co-financed study tour in Bavaria organized by the Munich IFO Institute and the Croatian Statehood Foundation
  • Participation in co-financing the maintenance of the first Croatian president, Franjo Tuđman Birth house and Memorial School in Veliko Trgovišće together with the Croatian Statehood Foundation
  • Education Centre in Dubrava - in process of negotiating

Feel free to contact us if you think we can help, call us and check out our current projects and cooperation opportunities.

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